A Chromosomal Study of Roscoea and Cautleya (Zingiberaceae): phylogenetic implications


  • Chatchai NGAMRIABSAKUL School of Science, Walailak University, Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80161


Chromosome number, Roscoea alpina, R. auriculata, R. purpurea, Cautleya spicata, Phylogeny


Chromosome counts of Roscoea alpina Royle, R. auriculata K. Schum., R. purpurea Sm. and Cautleya spicata (Sm.) Baker are presented. Two species: R. auriculata, R. purpurea confirm the widely reported number of 2n = 24. However, both R. alpina and C. spicata have chromosome number of 2n = 26. R. auriculata’s chromosome number is a new count. Chromosome structures of the species studied are metacentric. The chromosome numbers are discussed in light of the phylogeny of the genera.


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