Editorial Preface


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Editorial Preface


Walailak Journal of Science and Technology

I am pleased to launch the Walailak Journal of Science and Technology. Science and technological changes are occurring at a very rapid rate and present a potential crisis of information and decision making. It is critically important that we not only learn to manage this swiftly advancing flood of new knowledge, but that we examine its implications for our everyday lives.

Taking biomedical science as an example, the time between important results in basic science research and clinical applications has gone from years to months as research technology and testing becomes faster and more efficient. Scientists and clinicians are working together to bring advances from the laboratory to the lifestyle of an informed public. In such an arena, academic research is an indispensable catalyst to all aspects of societal advancement. Walailak University realizes the vital bond between research and its educational mission. It encourages a wide collaboration among academics in the interdisplinary fields of science, technology, engineering and agricultural technology. It funds research and encourages its own academic staff to engage in research efforts. It welcomes the contributions of academics from both Thai and foreign universities.

The unique contributions that research can make in the coming decades depends on our vision of how we will work together to bring about improvements to Thai society. The Walailak Journal of Science and Technology serves as an opportunity to show we value innovation, dialogue, and engagement and that we will not shrink from presenting our vision and our actions to those who are open to joining us in our partnership for progress in Thai society. I look forward to the publication of a continuing stream of dynamic research results and reflective reader feedback, insuring that the Walailak Journal of Science and Technology will be a research vanguard in Thailand.

Professor Dr. Winai Pralomkarn


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Editorial Preface

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