Maternal Participation Program for Enhancing Growth and Neurobehavioral Development of Very and Moderately Preterm Infants

Nethong Namprom


A Maternal Participation Program in the context of Thai culture was developed based on the Neonatal Integrative Developmental Care mode (Altimier & Phillips, 2013). Multiple case study design was used to explore the feasibility and acceptability and potential outcomes of implementing the program in a Thai NICU. The potential outcomes were growth and neurobehavioral development of very and moderately preterm infants. This program consisted of education and monitoring strategies including four teaching and practice sessions of six care practices, which included optimizing nutrition, positioning and handling, safeguarding sleep, promoting a healing environment, minimizing stress, and protecting skin. The maternal participation program with education strategies was implemented one week after the infant’s admission to an NICU. Strategies to monitor the maternal participation level and to boost maternal participation were used. The maternal participation program was beneficial for three Thai mothers. They gave positive feedback regarding the feasibility and acceptability of the program, as well as the readability of the “My Baby” handbook. The level of maternal participation in caring for preterm infants increased after being involved in this program. Additionally, preterm infants’ body weight and neurobehavioral scores dramatically increased. Further studies of this program need to be conducted in a randomized controlled trial design.


Neonatal, Maternal Participation, Growth, Neurobehavioral Development, Preterm Infants


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Online ISSN: 2228-835X

Last updated: 13 February 2019