Fang Oilfield Development



Fang Oilfield is the oldest oilfield in Thailand and is still producing oil. The first oil seepage was found on the ground surface in the dense jungle over a hundred years ago by local inhabitants. The oilfield has been investigated by pioneer explorers from different government sectors involved in oil exploration and production but is still far away from being economically viable. When the Defense Energy Department (DED) took responsibility for the site in 1956, a new era of modern technologies of geological survey, 3-D seismic survey, and directional drilling wells have been seriously applied. From a gallon to a thousand barrels of oil daily production has significantly increased. The oil discovery in Fang basin encourages further activities in petroleum exploration both onshore and offshore in Thailand. Today, Thailand can produce oil and gas equivalent to 300,000 barrels of oil daily, close to 30 % of national consumption. The history and current activities of the oilfield are still of interest to the public. This paper intends to integrate available data from the first era to the present day to explore the nature of this small oilfield.


Fang Oilfield, geological survey, directional drilling wells, 3-D seismic survey, petroleum exploration

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