New Exact Solutions for Isothermal Magnetostatic Atmosphere Equations

Mohamed Tawfik ATTIA, Attala ELHANBALY, Mohamed Aly ABDOU


Here, an extended, (G'/G)-expansion method with a computerized symbolic computation is used for constructing the exact travelling wave solutions for isothermal magnetostatic atmospheres equations. These equations depend on arbitrary functions that must be specified with choices of the different choice of the different arbitrary functions. The proposed method has been successfully used to obtain some exact travelling wave solutions for the Liouville and sinh-Poisson equations. The obtained travelling wave solutions are expressed by hyperbolic, triangular and exponential function. The solutions obtained via the propose method have many potential applications in physics.



Isothermal magnetostatic atmospheres equations, extended (G'/G)-expansion method, Liouville and sinh-Poisson equations, Liouville equation, travelling wave solutions

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