Effect of Semi-synthetic AndrographolideAnalogue-loaded Polymeric Micelles on HN22 Cell Migration

Teeratas Kansom


Semi-synthetic andrographolide (AG) analogue namely 19-tert-butyldiphenylsilyl-8,17-epoxy andrographolide or 3A.1 is an anticancer drug. However, the major problem of 3A.1 is poor water solubility hindering the preparation of a delivery system for clinical applications. To improve the water solubility and anticancer potency of this analogue, the 3A.1-loaded polymeric micelles employing N-naphthyl-N-O-succinyl chitosan (NSCS) as amphiphilic copolymer were prepared by dropping method. The morphology, particle size, entrapment efficiency (%EE) and loading capacity (LC) were evaluated. The 3A.1-loaded NSCS micelles were successfully prepared. These micelles were nano-size (66.26 to 102.53 nm) and spherical shape with negative surface charge (-30.50 to -22.23 mV). The 3A.1-loaded NSCS micelles with 40% drug loading exhibited the maximum values of both %EE (90.84%) and LC (363.25


Andrographolide analogue, polymeric micelles, cell migration, oral cancer


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