Possibilities of Inadequate Physical Load Reduction by Ergonomic Rationalization of Working Environment

Darina Dupláková, Michal Hatala, Lucia Knapčíková, Svetlana Radchenko, Ján Duplák


Human is the most important element in the working system: human – machine- environment. It is necessary to ensure the good health condition of workers for continuous production process. This article is focused on the possibilities of inadequate physical load reduction by partial ergonomic rationalization of working environment – warehouse of building material. This problem is analysed by Key indicator method. This method immediately determines the affecting physical load. Constituent optimization models of the working environment are suggested for reduction by software. The presented method of inadequate physical load reduction is applicable not only in construction industry but also in the engineering.


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Online ISSN: 2228-835X


Last updated: 20 June 2019