Evaluation of Thin Force Sensor Measurement and Determination of Plantar Pressure when Walking in Muddy Soil with Different Gumboots



Gumboots are used in agriculture in order to protect the feet from danger. However, some farmers do not wear, as they feel uncomfortable. In this study, Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) sensor was used as a measuring sensor, based on its better performance in terms of high repeatability and sensitivity. Verification of the sensor application in actual conditions was conducted with 4 different types of gumboot used in agricultural work. The peak pressures when walking in muddy soil were higher on average than when walking on a hard concrete surface. Gumboot types I and IV generated lower peak pressures than the other gumboots when walking on the hard concrete surface. On the other hand, gumboot types II and III resulted in the lowest and second lowest plantar pressure, respectively, while walking in muddy soil. The high hardness fraction on the heel, compared to other positions, in boot types II and III may have helped to reduce the average peak pressure during walking in muddy soil.


Agricultural gumboots, FSR, repeatability, surface, peak pressure

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