Fishing Status and Management Proposal in Bandon Bay, Suratthani Province, Thailand


  • Amonsak SAWUSDEE Division of Technology for Marine and Coastal Resources Management, School of Engineering and Resources Management, Walailak University, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80161


Fisheries, catch compositions, costs and prices, management, Bandon bay


Bandon bay is one of the importance and high-pressure fishing grounds of southern Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand. The present fishing grounds are under threat due to three main issues. Firstly, the fishing area has been minimized because some parts of the fishing grounds are now used for clam-culture. Secondly, fishery resources per se are in a vulnerable state because the catch is largely composed of unsalable and immature fish, resulting in a noticeable decrease in the fisherman’s income. Lastly, the growth in the price of gasoline (i.e. marginal cost) index was higher than the growth of catch price index. Thus, the short- and a long- term plans for the fishery management of Bandon bay are urgently required. This article presents the current threats in detail and develops management plans for the purpose of a sustainable fishing industry in Bandon bay, in terms of socio-economics, environmental and fishery resources as well as policies aspects.


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