Combined Effects of Chemical Reaction and Wall Slip on MHD Flow in a Vertical Wavy Porous Space with Traveling Thermal Waves

Ramamoorthy MUTHURAJ, Suripeddi SRINIVAS, Jadiwala SAKINA


This paper investigates the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) mixed convective heat and mass transfer flow in a vertical wavy porous space in the presence of a heat source with the combined effects of chemical reaction and wall slip condition. The dimensionless governing equations are perturbed into: mean (zeroth-order) part and a perturbed part, using amplitude as a small parameter. The perturbed quantities are obtained by perturbation series expansion for small wavelength in which terms of exponential order arise. The results obtained show that the velocity, temperature and concentration fields are appreciably influenced by the presence of chemical reaction, magnetic field, porous medium, heat source/sink parameter and wall slip condition. Further, the results of the skin friction and rate of heat and mass transfer at the wall are presented for various values of parameters entering into the problem and discussed with the help of graphs.


Mixed convection, wavy walls, porous medium, chemical reaction and wall slip

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