A Study of Some Optical Properties of PHMNP Thin Film

Ali Qassim ABDULLAH, Alaa Yassin AL-AHMAD, Hadi Ziara AL-SAWAAD


In the present work the refractive index spectra of Poly(2,2’-oxybis(methylene)bis(4-(hydroxyl(4-hydroxymethyl)naphthalene-1-yl)(phenyl)methyl)naphthalene-l-ol) (PHMNP) thin film have been studied at room temperature. The transmission and reflectance spectra, at normal incidence of PHMNP thin film were obtained in the range of (200 - 900 nm). The refractive index dispersion parameters such as oscillator energy Eo, dispersion energy Ed, long wavelength refractive index n¥, oscillator length strength So were calculated to be about 4.18 eV, 11.95 eV, 1.96, 10.024×1013 m-2,respectively. The optical moments M-1 and M-3, nonlinear optical susceptibility (X3) and nonlinear refractive index (n2(0)) were found to be 2.85(eV)-2, 0.1633(eV)-2, 4.45×10-13 esu and 8.64×10-12 esu, respectively. The low reflectance and low refractive index of PHMNP thin film in the UV-Visible region make the material a prominent one for antireflection coating in solar thermal devices.


Refractive index dispersion, optical constants, nonlinear optical susceptibility

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