Integrated Grid-connected Hybrid Power Generating System with Optimized PLL-based Power Control


  • Pawan PANDEY Department of Electrical Engineering, Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, India
  • Kanwarjit SANDHU Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India



Hybrid power generating system, Renewable energy, Energy storage system, Power quality, VSC controller


In this paper, grid-connected photovoltaic-wind energy, including a battery energy storage system (BESS) with a novel topology base proposed controller, is presented. The battery can be reflected in a smooth and stable output under variation of weather and load conditions for the grid-connected system. Robust phase-locked loop- (PLL) based hybrid Voltage Source Converter (VSC) controller is designed to enhance power quality (PQ) with mitigating power fluctuation at DC-link by applied BESS on the DC side. The results can be summarized in 2 stages; in the 1st stage, the performance of the designed hybrid system can be analyzed with untuned parameters of the converter, and in the 2nd stage, a simple strategy base proposed controller to improve the operation stability and analyze the PQ of the hybrid power generating (HPG) system is developed. Finally, the proposed hybrid system is modeled in MATLAB/Simulink and the simulation results as obtained are compared with an existing controller.


  • Performance analysis of design a grid connected hybrid power generating system
  • The system achieved stability and reliability with proposed controllers
  • The presence of a battery, providing smooth movement of the generated power of the system
  • A coordinated controller designed to improve power fluctuation and power quality
  • Highly robust grid-connected HPG system designed using hybrid VSC and bidirectional controller



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