Delay in Seeking Treatment among Adults with Malaria Experience in Shan State, Myanmar



This cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted to determine the factors associated with the delay in seeking malaria treatment among adult villagers in malaria endemic areas of Myanmar. The data collection was conducted during March and April 2015. A total of 320 questionnaires were randomly distributed to the subjects who had malaria in the last 12 months prior to data collection. There were 310 completed questionnaires (96.8 %) for analysis. Bivariate analyses were performed to identify the association between independent variables and delay in seeking malaria treatment. The results showed that majority of the respondents (84.2 %) delayed in seeking malaria treatment. Approximately one-fifth (21.0 %) went to traditional healer, quack (fake doctor) (13.9 %) and self-care (11.9 %) as the first contact after getting signs and symptoms of malaria. There were 3 factors associated with delay in seeking malaria treatment; availability of health care personnel (OR: 2.26, 95 %CI: 1.20 - 4.25), distance from home to health center (OR: 2.13, 95 %CI: 1.14 - 3.98) and perceived cost of malaria treatment (OR: 2.33, 95 %CI: 1.19 - 4.54). Based on the results of this study, government and non-government organizations should put more effort to provide a sufficient number of health care personnel or trained malaria volunteer covering all villages especially those in remote and endemic areas.


Delay, malaria, seeking-treatment, endemic area, Myanmar

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