Design of A New High-Gain Multiband and Wideband Rectangular Patch Antenna for C, X, and Ku Band Applications


  • Soufian LAKRIT Electronic and Communication Laboratory, EMI, Mohammed V University of Rabat
  • Hassan AMMOR Electronic and Communication Laboratory, EMI, Mohammed V University of Rabat
  • Jaouad TERHZAZ Centre Régional des Métiers de l’éducation et de la Formation (CRMEF), Casablanca
  • Abdelwahd TRIBAK Institut National de Poste et Telecommunications (INPT), Rabat


Microstrip antenna, linear array, high-gain, wideband, X-band, radar, satellite


In this paper, we propose the design of and provide an analysis of, a rectangular patch antenna and its integration in a 4 element linear array. A T form power divider feeds in parallel the array elements through microstrip lines. The basic antenna has a simple structure, with dimensions of about 16´18´1.6 mm3, leading to a good bandwidth. In addition, the patch element characteristics, such as the reflection coefficient and the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), are improved by the insertion of a slot in the structure. The main objective of the 4 element array structure is the enhancement of the gain, which is enhanced up to 12.6 dBi. A prototype of the antenna is fabricated and tested with network analyzer. The proposed antenna has 4 resonant frequencies that define 4 bandwidths, defined by a return loss of less than -10 dB, and are: (7.62 GHz, 1250 MHz), (9.20 GHz, 330 MHz), (11.07 GHz, 940 MHz) and (15.02 GHz, 920 MHz), respectively. The simple configuration of this profile permits an easy and low-expense fabrication process, with usability in many applications such as in radar, satellite, and wireless communications.


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