Design of A New High-Gain Multiband and Wideband Rectangular Patch Antenna for C, X, and Ku Band Applications

Soufian LAKRIT, Hassan AMMOR, Jaouad TERHZAZ, Abdelwahd TRIBAK


In this paper, we propose the design of and provide an analysis of, a rectangular patch antenna and its integration in a 4 element linear array. A T form power divider feeds in parallel the array elements through microstrip lines. The basic antenna has a simple structure, with dimensions of about 16´18´1.6 mm3, leading to a good bandwidth. In addition, the patch element characteristics, such as the reflection coefficient and the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), are improved by the insertion of a slot in the structure. The main objective of the 4 element array structure is the enhancement of the gain, which is enhanced up to 12.6 dBi. A prototype of the antenna is fabricated and tested with network analyzer. The proposed antenna has 4 resonant frequencies that define 4 bandwidths, defined by a return loss of less than -10 dB, and are: (7.62 GHz, 1250 MHz), (9.20 GHz, 330 MHz), (11.07 GHz, 940 MHz) and (15.02 GHz, 920 MHz), respectively. The simple configuration of this profile permits an easy and low-expense fabrication process, with usability in many applications such as in radar, satellite, and wireless communications.


Microstrip antenna, linear array, high-gain, wideband, X-band, radar, satellite

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