Flow and Heat Transfer in MHD Dusty Nanofluid Past a Stretching/ Shrinking Surface with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink

Naramgari SANDEEP, Chalavadi SULOCHANA, Banglore Rushi KUMAR


The present study concerns the momentum and heat transfer characteristics of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) dusty nanofluid flow over a permeable stretching/shrinking surface in the presence of a volume fraction of dust and nanoparticles with non-uniform heat source/sink. We consider 2 types of nanofluids, namely, TiO2-water and Al2O3-water, embedded with conducting dust particles. The governing partial differential equations of the flow and heat transfer are transformed to nonlinear ordinary differential equations by using a similarity transformation and are solved numerically using a Runge-Kutta based shooting technique. The effects of non-dimensional governing parameters on velocity and temperature profiles for both fluid and dust phases are discussed for both stretching and shrinking cases and presented through graphs. Also, skin friction coefficient and heat transfer rate is discussed and presented in tabular form for the 2 dusty nanofluids separately.


MHD, dusty nanofluid, stretching/shrinking surface, volume fraction, non-uniform heat source/sink

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