A Demonstration of Underwater Bubble Capture by the Fundamental Acoustic Mode in Spherical Geometry



Nowadays, scientific demonstrations have become a crucial part of scientific learning. Acoustic waves are normally demonstrated in air via Kundt’s tube, but a physical demonstration for underwater acoustic waves is still lacking. In this paper, we address one of the aspects by demonstrating a way to acoustically-trap gas bubbles in a spherical, water-filled flask resonating at its first fundamental mode. The theory of acoustic waves in a spherical geometry, particularly the fundamental mode, is reviewed. The full description of the experimental setup is expressed both acoustically and electronically. By using this method, we show that a gas bubble can be stabilized in the middle of a flask at an acoustic frequency of 21.16 kHz, the acoustic fundamental frequency of the flask.


Standing wave demonstration, first fundamental mode, single-bubble, spherical geometry

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