The effectiveness of life skill program on life skills to prevent risky sexual behaviours in primary school students, Thailand

Phagapun BOONTEM, Penprapa SUTHAMMA, Narunest JURAKARN


Risky Sexual behaviours were very serious problem especially in youth and in this study aim to compare the effect of integrated sex education and life skill program on life skills to prevent risky sexual behaviours in primary school students. Design: It was conducted as a quasi-experimental, pre-post test, two-group design. Sample: 34 primary students in control group, 34 primary students in experiment group. Intervention: The experimental group was conducted with the integrated sex education and life skill program to promote life skills and prevent risky sexual behaviours while the in control group was conducted with the usual educational program existing in school regarding sexual and reproductive health. Measurements: The data on both groups were gathered by questionnaires assessing demographic characteristics and life skills for preventive risky sexual behaviours. Results: The result revealed significant differences of between the experimental and control groups (t-test = 2.39, p-value < 0.05) three months in term of life skills, while no significant difference was noted in experimental group (mean difference = -2.53, p-value > 0.05). Conclusions: The integrated sex education and life skill program posed potential utility for primary students and also capable provision for further study in other groups.


Sex education, Life skills, Primary school students


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