A multi-domain bivariate approach for mixed convection in a Casson nanofluid with heat generation

Sabyasachi Mondal, Precious Sibanda, Ibukun S Oyelakin


We study the mixed convection flow of a Casson nanofluid past a
permeable moving flat plate with heat generation, chemical reaction
and viscous dissipation effects in the presence of thermo and
thermal diffusion effects. The fluid model described assumes the
nanoparticle flux at the boundary is zero, and suction effects on
the velocity boundary are accounted for.  The system of partial
differential equations obtained is solved using a multi-domain
bivariate quasi-linearization method with a detailed description of
the numerical method of solution. The effects of various fluid
parameters on the velocity, temperature and nanoparticle
concentration profiles as well as on the local skin friction, and
heat and mass transfer coefficients are discussed in detail.


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Online ISSN: 2228-835X


Last updated: 13 February 2019