Integrated Information Visualization to Support Decision Making for Health Promotion in Thailand

Puangrat Jinpon, Mullica JAROENSUTASINEE, Krisanadej JAROENSUTASINEE


A visualization of comprehensive data on health care enhances performance of decision-making in health promotion programs. We describe the design and prototype of a Dashboard Decision Support System (DDSS) as a web-based advanced tool for executives and health officers to plan and generate effective programs in health promotion and disease prevention. Data were obtained from ten communities surrounding oil refinery, using Family and community Assessment Program (FAP), in operation since 2010. The system was developed using web-based technology and open standards, i.e., MySQL, PHP, Highcharts JS, and Google Maps. Perception of the system and its effectiveness were evaluated using a questionnaire after participants had had an approximately one month period of experience of using the system. The responses to the questionnaire were positive about the system features and system process. Using the DDSS, executives and health officers can deploy effective and appropriate programs to enhance health care in their communities.


Clinical decision support, Data visualization, Integrated information system, Clinical informatics, Clinical research informatics


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Online ISSN: 2228-835X

Last updated: 13 February 2019